Online One to One


Online lessons have become very popular and work very well indeed. Lessons are delivered using Zoom which is a very reliable platform.

A couple of level tests will be sent to you so that your level can be accurately assessed. A dedicated lesson plan will then be worked out for you only with a mixture of vocabulary and grammar with an emphasis on speaking, listening and writing.

Following this, a free 30 min lesson is offered where our teaching method will be demonstrated, after which, if you are completely convinced, lessons are available in packs of 5.

Lessons are very varied and cover a wide range of subjects. Audio and video materials are also used to make the lessons more interesting and to enable you to understand various accents. 



Me teaching 1



  • Get in touch!
  • First general level test 
  • Second more specific level test
  • Free 30 min lesson
  • Purchase one pack of 5 lessons or more