General English

General English is for everyday conversation and includes a variety of subjects like everyday life, travel, sports, food...

You will be taught how to speak English confidently using interesting lesson plans from a variety of resources. Grammar will of course be part of your lessons and you will be given homework to make your progress quicker.




Business English

Business English includes how to conduct meetings, attend exhibitions, write emails, write formal letters, get ready for a presentation... as  well as any business language adapted to students' business situation.



Specialist English

Specialist subjects depends on the student's needs and wishes and tutor's capacity. This includes research on the tutor's part on the subject the student is interested in. This includes but is not limited to subject such as law, medical, automotive, thesis...

For example, a law student might need help with courses in English. In this case, the student can provide the teacher with the law texts so that the teacher may study them and help them with the course.